Family Therapy

Family therapy is a branch of Psychotherapy that incorporates multiple family members into treatment. I believe that all aspects of our lives are co-created through conversations, communication, and language with other people. Each member of a system (e.g. a family) affects the other members of the system. I am interested in the meanings each person attributes to other members’ behavior and interactions. Therefore, my preference is to include as many members of the system as possible in the therapeutic process.

I have strong belief that everyone is the expert of their own life. This means that I do not consider the therapist the expert, but rather, I see the family and its members as the experts. I am constantly curious, and avoid making assumptions. No two clients or families are the same. Everyone’s view of what life without a particular problem or what “better” looks like is different. I cannot assume to know what this is for any person or family.

I believe that there is no normal. Every person and family thinks and works differently. Two families may enter therapy with the same presenting complaint, but their goals, solutions, and view of the problem may be entirely different. I know that what may be helpful to one family may not be helpful for another.

I will not tell family members what to do, or give advice. I believe that families are the experts of their own lives and have their own solutions. As a therapist, my role is to facilitate a conversation that will help families find what solution will work for them. While I do not believe in giving advice, I do believe that in certain situations education can play an important role in the therapeutic process.